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Meeting space complements of:
Computer books
            and technical books at discount prices
Check them out; they are a great source of technical books at very good prices!

If you have shopped at, help them out by reviewing them at You will need your invoice number to prove you are a real customer, and not just ballot stuffing.
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Content Last Modified on March 14, 2015, at 03:51 AM CST

Dallas Ft. Worth Pythoneers (

NOTE: The password to edit content in the wiki is "dfwpython". We had to require a password to minimize SPAM hits on the site.

The Vision

  • To meet interesting people, to learn new things, to teach others
  • To run some classes, on tools, frameworks, and the language itself
  • To support both face-to-face meetups, and online projects and classes
  • To collaborate on fun projects, to run local coding "sprints"
  • Professional development and mutual support skills advancement
  • Participate in local conferences such as PyTexas

The annual PyTexas 2011 conference will take place on Sept 10,11 in College Station this year. We're expecting a big turnout with lots of great presentations, discussions, lighting talks, etc.

Regular Meetings

We are an active group that meets regularly on the 2nd Saturday
of each month in the North Dallas area. Currently we are meeting at:

Improving Enterprises, 16633 Dallas Parkway, Addison, TX

The main portion of the meetings are held between 2pm and 5pm. More than
likely something's going on before and/or after those times but that's up
to the whim of the members.

We have a Project night on the 3rd Thursday of each month at X
restaurant in Lewisville 0 Some Lane, Lewisville, TX
They offer free WiFi (so bring your laptops)
and they close at ( PM or so.

A more social gathering occurs on the 4th Thursday of each month at Taco Cabana
restaurant in Addison 15120 Marsh Lane, Addison, TX .
Come meet other Python programmers over dinner and talk into the late hours.
Come late if you need to, we'll still be there!

Join our mailing list here: dfwPython

We also frequently chat via IRC, especially during meetings. It's a great
way to pass around URL's and other information during a talk or discussion.
For more information about our IRC chat room, please ask about it on the club
mailing list.

We use as a secondary club site, mainly as an advertisement for
new members and for its automatic email notifications of meeting events.
Currently, this wiki, the pages, and our mailing list are in a
state of reorganization. These pages, a wiki, is currently under de-struction
into more of a pure informational point of presence until a new, snazzier,
possibly Python-based club website is designed and constructed.

Check back often to see how things progress!

Hot Topics:

Why PmWiki?

You might notice this website is using a PHP-based wiki system called PmWiki, which might seem a strange choice for a Python user group. We chose PmWiki because it seemed much quicker to setup and more featureful than any of the Python-based wiki choices at the time.

Maybe later we can tackle setting up a Python-based wiki site. If you want to take on that task, feel free to bring it up on the mailing list.

Unorganized Items

 WhoWeAre - See pictures of some of our participants

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

InteractiveShells - A list of alternative Python command shells

  • The Python Package Index website
  • Work up a slogan to promote Python:
    • Python, the Readable Language
    • Python, the Productive Language
    • Python, the Fun/Cool Language
    • Python, "We're all consenting adults here"
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