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Best Places To See in Montreal

Are you flying to Montreal for a vacation? Not sure how to get around when you get to Montreal? Rather than waiting in long lines for transportation, consider hiring a car from Enterprise airport Montreal. This will be much more convenient than wasting time in lines trying to get to your accommodation.

You’ll be able to get yourself and your family around in your own time. You will also be able to some of the best attractions Montreal has to offer, much easier than using other transportation.

Below is a list of the best places to see in Montreal

Go For A Walk on Saint Paul’s Street

Saint Paul’s Street is sure to keep you occupied for hours. There are so many things you can see and do. Here you will be able to discover the European Atmosphere that Montreal has to offer. There is a vast array of art galleries, restaurants, souvenir stores that you are sure to enjoy. Not only that, but the prices on this street, are surprisingly affordable for anyone.

Check Out Basilique Notre-Dame

Now this is a building that you will never forget. The Notre-Dame has been around for decades and attracts everyone around the world. If you have a love of music and musical instruments, then you want to come and see the famous organ. You might even get to hear it play if you come at the right time of day.

Visit The Boutiques of the Mile End

Do you have a keen interest in boutiques? Then a visit to Mile End is a must. Here you will discover a wide range of boutiques to all kinds. Some of the boutiques worth a visit include: Lowell (a men’s and ladies clothing boutique), Frank and Oak (men’s clothing boutique), and Unicorn (for women).

Go To The Museum Of Fine Arts

Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts makes a great indoor activity. You can be sure you will be kept occupied here for hours. Here you will discover a range of artworks and exhibitions of all kinds. You’ll even spot some artwork drawn or painted by some well known artists. Such artists might include: Rodin, Gaultier. Better yet, you will soon realize that the entry fee you paid is well worth the visit.

Take A Walk In Plateau Mont-Royal

The best way to get around this beautiful area of Montreal is by foot. Here you will get to see a range of stunning architecture that is sure to leave you in awe. There are also many different cafe’s to sit down and have a break at. Enjoy a coffee or eat some lunch. Or both. There are also local shops to browse your way around in too.

Check Out The Markets

If you need to purchase cheap foods, then don’t go to the supermarkets. Go to the markets instead. Not only will you discover very cheap fruit and veges of all kinds, but you will also get to meet the locals who live in the area. Why not purchase some fresh ingredients and enjoy a picnic out one day.These are just 6 of the best places to visit when visiting Montreal. Remember, hiring a car from enterprise airport Montreal is the best thing to do in terms of getting around. You will not regret doing this.

Dora Boyd

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