[dfwPython] Ivan Krstic rant about OLPC and free software ideology

Brad Allen brad at allendev.com
Sat May 17 06:07:47 CDT 2008



"At the end of the day, it just doesn't matter to the educational 
mission what kernel is running Sugar. If Sugar itself remains open 
and free - which, thus far, has never been in question - all of the 
relevant functionality such as the 'view source' key remains 
operational, on Windows or not. OLPC should never take steps to 
willingly limit the audience for its learning software. Windows is 
the most widely used operating system in existence. A 
Windows-compatible Sugar would bring its rich learning vision to 
potentially tens or hundreds of millions of children all over the 
world whose parents already own a Windows computer, be it laptop or 
desktop. To suggest this is a bad course of action because it's 
philosophically impure is downright evil.

"And hey, maybe a Windows version of Sugar gets kids sufficiently 
interested in computer innards to actually want to switch to Linux. "

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