[dfwPython] Stop the Insanity of DRM

Jeff Rush jeff at taupro.com
Sat Jul 1 07:49:52 CDT 2006

At the following URL is a screenshot of a license by Adobe for one of their
ebooks.  They took the book _Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_, whose
copyright has long expired, from Project Gutenberg (which they acknowledge on
that screenshot), reformatted it and attached a series of "rights
restrictions" on the resulting ebook.

The reader is prohibited from copying it to the clipboard, printing it,
lending or giving it to another and, most interesting is prohibited from
"reading the book aloud".  Yes, really.


This is madness.  Please check out the following website and learn about the
Free Software Foundation's campaign to stop Digital Restrictions Management
(DRM), based on Treacherous Computing (TC).



P.S. I believe this is on-topic for our group because as technologists of one
form or another, software is the lifeblood that gives our creations form.  DRM
seeks to disenfranchise us from control over our technology and, as we see
above, prevent us from even reading a book aloud to children.  What a world
that would be.

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